And the Words Keep Coming

A thousand more words today in the still untitled WIP from August and I’m still on a role. It’s spilling out of me and shows no sign of slowing down – I’m barraged with new ideas daily and the thought of sitting down and writing is incredibly exciting. I haven’t felt like this since November. … Continue reading

In Which the Music Takes Over

I stopped participating in Script Frenzy. The story simply wasn’t calling to me anymore and everything felt forced. I was creatively drained. So I called off the frenzy and I put the story aside. Yesterday, I turned on my music and sat down to check some emails. I opened up gmail and deleted my junk … Continue reading

In Which Script Frenzy Kicked My Butt (And It’s Not Even Over)

Yep. You read correctly. I have given up on Scriptfrenzy. The story wasn’t calling to me the way I thought it was – there is still something missing and I can’t put my finger on it. A friend had some great advice that I’m toying with, but nothing is solid. It’s funny that I had … Continue reading

In Which There is a Pause, or, Finding the Motivation

There is a moment in your life when you wonder what you’re doing here. Scratch that – there are millions of moments, millions and billions of pauses we take throughout our lifetime when we wonder what we’re doing here. Growing up, I knew what I wanted. I still do – but I also thought it … Continue reading

This Is Harder Than I Thought

NaNoWriMo flew by for me.  It felt wonderful – I had so much to say, I loved my characters. It connected. Scriptfrenzy has been harder. There is something not clicking, not falling into place. My characters are interesting but their chemistry is just a little bit off. I need to get to know them better … Continue reading

In Which Heroes Has Sucked Out My Brain

**Spoilers ahead** It’s not even well written. The characters and their actions are contrived so much so often that I find myself rolling my eyes. There are so many things that do not make sense, that do not have reason. My ability to suspend disbelief has been pushed to it’s limit. And yet. There is … Continue reading

We Have A Problem

We have a problem. We as in, the human race. Okay, we have several problems. Hundreds, thousands. But I’m going to talk about one. Pride. The absence or refusal of shame. Yesterday, I witnessed a blatant bridge burning on Facebook. Yes, Facebook (word of advice: if you’d like to burn a bridge with one person, … Continue reading

April Fool’s and the Start of a Frenzy

So it’s here. It’s finally here. And I’m terrified because my outline is unfinished and I am still unsure about so many details. This is not me – I am not a non-planner. I’m the girl who has an outline months before I need it. I’m the girl whose characters jingle around in my head … Continue reading