In Which Script Frenzy Approaches

Script Frenzy is drawing nearer each day, and I am terrified. At least with NaNoWriMo, my idea was plotted and ready to go, so the minute I sat down and began writing, it all just flowed out.

I have decided on a Script Frenzy idea but I still need to go through and create a beat sheet and character outlines. Yes, I do. Because that is the type of writer that I am. I need those things or else I flounder.

Now, even with those things I sometimes flounder. But it helps me not to flounder as soon…

The novel I’ve been working on has stalled. And just as I breathed new life into the idea of Gold Valley by writing it as a novel instead of a screenplay, I’m going to try and breathe new life into the WIP by writing it as a screenplay instead of a novel.  See my logic? It’s good logic, I think.

So here I come, supernatural thriller with a vengeful serial killer. Here I come.

Are you doing Script Frenzy? Have you decided on an idea?

8 Responses to “In Which Script Frenzy Approaches”
  1. Maggie says:

    I decided to do Script Frenzy just 2 days ago, having absolutely no clue how to write a script at all. I’m pretty sure my plot is going to be a horror-comedy about a crazy mother-in-law, but we’ll see how that goes… it may totally change by April 1.

    Good luck to you!

  2. Opps, that was rented to Hannah.

  3. I mean, directed. Sorry, a lot of things going at this moment.

  4. HI Hannah, I can understand where you’re coming from. To me choosing the idea is the hardest part and from there I just begin to write on the 1st of April. I’m not usually much of a planner though I see that with some stories I need to practise the planning skill! I shouldn’t really complain because my problem is I get too many ideas which I suppose is a whole lot better than not being able to come up with ideas! I guess for me it’s a count your blessings situation! Good luck when Script Frenzy takes off and keep us posted on your progress!

    • Haha sounds like our brains have the reverse problems! That’s all right we all work in different ways. That’s one things that’s so fascinating about these types of competitions – the way one person writes a novel can be completely different from the way another person does. And yet all types of writers manage to finish. I will certainly keep you updated as to how everything is going!

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