My Nemesis the Squirrel

I spent a second weekend in a row working on the yard to get it ready for gardening. Two weeks ago it was in no shape to have anything planted anywhere. The yard was trashed, the bone-dry dirt full of old toys and broken glass and odd pieces of rusted metal. I even found several brittle bones (not human, phew!). I’m still working on getting our largest bed ready for planting – the weeds that have been growing there for years are putting up quite a fight.

As I stomped through the yard searching for weeds to destroy, I kept finding random pieces of tinfoil, old wrappers, even pieces of magazines. It was the second time I had gone through the yard to pick up new trash that I angrily assumed people were tossing over the fence.

As I picked up the trash, I noticed something – these were all things we had used last week, and then stuck in our open recycle bin outside. Why were they scattered throughout our yard?

As I was heading inside, I finally¬† understood why, for I stood face to face with a squirrel, sitting as still as it could in the hopes that I would not see it. In it’s hands was a full soy milk carton, filched from the open recycle bin that it sat by. Very, very slowly it started to move away from the bin, keeping low towards the ground. The carton dragged as it inched away, and its wide-eyed expression told me that it knew it had been caught.

I suddenly understood with surprising clarity, that this squirrel had just become my enemy. I picked up my shovel and let out a terrifying war cry, then charged towards it. It dropped the carton and leaped to the closest fence post. I chased it along the fence, banging on the wood with my shovel and that dastardly squirrel jumped into the nearest tree, disappearing up into the branches and out of danger.

Til next time, squirrel. Til next time.

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2 Responses to “My Nemesis the Squirrel”
  1. Ashreyg says:

    Oh I am so proud! I hope that the squirrel has not given you any more trouble. You are a truly a powerful and courageous woman!

    • Haha, thanks, lady! Unfortunately the squirrel (along with the neighbor’s five feral cats) has made it his job to torment me. But it’s okay. Some day they’ll get their due! : )

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