In Which I Fall Asleep at My Desk on a Friday

So, it’s Friday. I’m bored at work (as usual). I’m considering jumping into Script Frenzy, in April. I have a few ideas that I’ll need to plot if I’m going to do so, but I think it could be fun. NaNoWriMo was fun and just the sort of challenge I needed.

I feel as if I might be in a transition period, one of the many I often have between script writing and novel writing. I’m in the middle of a novel right, and at about 10,000 words in (which is way fewer than I was hoping to have at this point). But I’m also revising an old script and polishing to make it ready for a contest I’m entering it in, and that has been making me want to write some more movies.

And now Script Frenzy approaches. Is this a sign? Quite possibly.


What about you? Will you join Script Frenzy?

3 Responses to “In Which I Fall Asleep at My Desk on a Friday”
  1. Yeppers! I’m joining ScriptFrenzy and I know of at least two other screenwriters who are joining as well.

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