Flash Fiction: The Room

He sits on a chair in the middle of a dark, dingy room. He waits, as always, for the door to open, for someone to come in, for someone to rescue him from this place.

No, he is not bound to the chair. His feet are not nailed to the cracked and moldering floor of that ancient house. But where else would he go? Where else could he go?

There are voices now. Oh yes, that memory. That memory he tries so hard to escape. It is why he is in this room – he thought that maybe if he surrounded himself by these walls, if maybe he stayed put in this darkened corner of his mind, that the memory would not return.

The voices grow louder and then he jolts in his chair because someone is trying to unlock the door, someone is trying to get in. That memory. Maybe if he stays perfectly still, maybe if he does not make a sound or breathe a word then he will not be found. Maybe the memory will stop trying to break down the door of this place.

But it was hastily built, and with terrible materials at that. The walls are covered in maggots and termites. They are just waiting to disintegrate and fall to pieces around him. The floor is turning to dust around him, mildew eating away at the old boards rimmed with sea salt.

He holds his breath and counts to ten and the voices begin to fade, as though the person on the other side realized they were trying to enter the wrong room. He swears it’s Her voice because it’s always Her voice.

She wants to tear that room down and make him face Her. She has always wanted him to be exposed to the memory.

She’ll win, some day. He knows this. His hands grip the arms of his decaying chair more tightly. He closes his eyes and inhales the close air of the room.

Not today.

2 Responses to “Flash Fiction: The Room”
  1. redclayreport says:

    Hey Hannah, ran across your site by accident… like this page of writing… is this from your untitled, unfinished book? I like it. I don’t have nearly 50,000 words, but but plan to at some point… what happens after that? how knows.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I liked it and to wish you luck…


    • Thank you! It’s actually just a random piece I wrote one day, based on the picture of that room. No excerpts from my current WIP yet – still having trouble getting past the 10,000 word mark there. I don’t have anything up from my NaNoWriMo novel either – I’ll have to fix that! Good luck on reaching 50,000 words, and thanks for stopping by!

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