In Sickness and in Health…Hey, Is That a NookColor?

I have been sick. Everyone at the office is also sick, so it was really only a matter of time. I dodged it as long and as hard as I could – when this came around the first time, I was still the only one sniffle-free.

Not so any more. I now sound like my head has been thrust inside a cardboard box by someone with a very sick sense of humor and then forced to walk around all week like this.

Luckily I have not been without comfort – after leaving work early because of a raging fever, I decided it was time to stop into Barnes and Noble and buy my coveted Nook Color. Yes, I was sweating like a pig, and yes, the clerk was staring at me as though I was insane (you see, fever makes me a bit delusional), but at the end of it all, I walked out with my Nook and the sincere promise that I would not be bored during my sick day off the following day.

Well, let me tell you, my Nook has not disappointed. I have done so many new and exciting things! I have sampled books, just like I could in store! I have read magazines and built up a new library! I have surfed the internet and checked my email! It was a glorious afternoon, I tell you.

Now I’m once again stuck going to work. I still sound as though I’ve been sadistically stuck into a box. But at least I still have the fondest memories of that brilliant afternoon when I knew, truly, honestly knew, that my Nook Color would always be there for me, in sickness and in health.

Do you use an e-reader? What do you think of it? I never thought I could abandon books but here I am, suckered into the prettiness of technology. Did the same happen to you?

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