Spring Cleaning and Sweeping Away The Cobwebs

I cleaned our (almost) entire house yesterday. Vacuumed away the construction dust, cleaned all of the kitchen counter tops with vinegar and water, rearranged the furniture in my office to maximize the space, cleaned the bathroom until the dirt caking the base of the tub was gone.

I am tired. But I have to tell you, it feels amazing to have all of that done. I hadn’t realized how uninspired I was, how boxed in, how claustrophobic. Once it was all gone, the dead bugs and the grime and the dirt, I remembered that I have a story to write, characters to follow. I am suddenly re-inspired, my thirst for my story renewed.

Who knew that clearing away the dust in my house would clear it out of my  mind as well?

Have you ever felt closed in by clutter? Did clearing it away help?

2 Responses to “Spring Cleaning and Sweeping Away The Cobwebs”
  1. fullblather says:

    I cannot function in clutter. And sometimes, I find nothing more cathartic than blasting some music and cleaning. And it always feel so so good when you’re done.

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