In Which I See Spring Awakening, A New Musical

It was a belated Valentine’s Day celebration for my boyfriend and I. We decided to eat dinner at a favorite restaurant and then see the show, which I bought tickets for the minutes I knew it would be in town.

Spring Awakening is beautiful and chilling. The music a welcome relief from the ultra conservative setting of 1890’s Germany. The questions that it raises about abstinence only sex education are completely valid and resonate even now, in 2011. Do we teach our children nothing in the hopes that the lack of knowledge will keep them from engaging in sex? Or will they do it anyway, and then have no knowledge of the consequences?

When the play was written, back in the 1890’s, the play was banned in playhouses for 15 years, and did not make its debut until 1905. And it wasn’t until recently that it was put to rock music. The subject of sex and teenager, the nudity, the suicide and the unforgiving portrayals of ultra conservative and horribly cold adults are racy even for today, much less back in 1890.

I am so pleased I was able to see this musical while it was in town, and am curious to hear what others have to say about the social commentary of the play!

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