Recipe For a Devastating Masterpiece of Stupefying Brilliance

In order to complete this recipe, you will need several things.

The first step in creating a Devastating Masterpiece of Stupefying Brilliance is to make sure you have all of your utensils and supplies. Do you have a computer, notebook/pen, desk, and an area to work? Good.

The next step is to make sure you have all of your ingredients. You will need:

-An idea. Not all of us can be Stephen King.

-Some characters. How many is up to you, really, just as long as they are interesting and magnificently flawed.

-A voice. Don’t worry so much – I’m sure that laryngitis will clear right up.

-An attitude. A brooding stare.  Adopt a mantra along the lines of “My Life Sucks”.

-An ending.  Knowing where your characters are supposed to end up makes it so much easier to document how they get there.

-A plan. Even just a vague idea. A few bullet points. Just don’t drive your character into a ditch and then have no clues about how to fish them out.

-A glass. With some ice. And your favorite scotch. Take the whole bottle with you, I don’t care – the drunker and more belligerent you are, the more creative and troubled you must be. We all know Troubled = Stupefying Brilliance.

-Courage. Take a deep breath. Put your fingers to the keys of your typewriter and believe in yourself enough to write.

When you have all of your ingredients together, turn on your computer, pull up your GoogleDocs account, your Word Document, or whatever it is you use. Stir everything together, really, really well. Then write.

Now you, too, can be a creator of Devastating Masterpieces of Stupefying Brilliance!

Have Fun!

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