Surprise, or, I Like Emma Stone

Really, I do. I was shocked. I watched Easy A with my family (I know, right?) and I laughed. And I…well, I didn’t cry, but there were some touching moments. I even enjoyed the token sensitive hot guy. The mash-up of romantic moments from 80’s teen movies at the end definitely made me smile.

I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t really go into more detail about the double standards girls and boys face when it comes to sex. It certainly addressed the issue, it was just very vague about it. Otherwise I was pleasantly surprised and overall thought the film was worth watching.

If you’re bored and need a reminder of how much you love Sixteen Candles or Say Anything, watch this movie!

One Response to “Surprise, or, I Like Emma Stone”
  1. fullblather says:

    I love her. And that movie was adorable. I agree; it was vague, but I appreciated the attempt to shed light on the double standard.

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