Dream Journal, or Deciphering the Sinking of an Island

You appeared in my dream again last night. You’ve been doing that a lot lately, it’s so strange. What does it mean? I know that we have gone down separate paths the last few years but for some reason, in the last six months, there you have been. Walking next to me in so many worlds, so many places. I’m not sure what it means.

We lived on an island. We were not allowed to dress in anything other than black, white or gray. We had specified jobs. We were told which house was ours, and which ones were not.

I arrived late to this world, but you were already there, and that was the only reason I stayed. I was hated by the leader, the man who gave everyone their jobs and color schemes and houses. I was too outspoken for his taste. You were on my side, but you would never say it out loud.

And then we were told the island was sinking. Tilting on one side, it was going to deposit all of our houses and all of us into the ocean before righting itself again. We either had to leave now or stay and risk death.

I thought about leaving. Thought long and hard and for some reason, some strange reason that I could not justify to myself once I woke up, I stayed. I stayed and I risked my life and I lost my house and most of my possessions and I swam in the freezing ocean, trying to stay alive, and I saved you.

You grabbed my hand I pulled you out of the water...

Then the island righted itself. And those of us that survived, we continued to live our lives in gray and black and white and we rebuilt our houses and we reclaimed our jobs. I was still hated by the leader of the place.

I risked everything for you, to stay in this place with you.

I just wish I understood it.

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