In Which I Ask: Do Writing and Acting Go Together?

Do writing and acting go together? There are a lot of writers that would say yes, myself included. Now, I know that there are a lot of writers that would die of stage fright if ever asked to act. But I find that being a writer helps me as an actor as well.

Why? Because when I write I spend hours inside other people’s minds. I’m constantly contemplating what kinds of decisions they’d make, why they are attracted to certain people, where their flaws come from. I feel pretty qualified to play a character on screen when that’s all I do whenever I write.

Obviously there’s a lot more to acting than knowing a character’s instinct – you have to make that instinct your own. There’s a lot of work you must do on yourself before you can ever completely inhabit a character, and I’m certainly not there yet.

What do you think? Would you ever take the plunge and act, knowing that you do something similar when you write?

A production still from a film I just acted in - Don't I look happy?

2 Responses to “In Which I Ask: Do Writing and Acting Go Together?”
  1. girlinthehat says:

    Maybe it has something to do with how you feel things. I don’t feel things in my body, I think them in my head; there’s a delayed reaction. Therefore, the idea of trying to convey ideas with my body is scary and, well, impossible. I even have a hard time saying what I mean– totally inarticulate–much better with a pen.
    I like your blog. Wonder if you’d like to exchange blogroll citations. Let me know.

    • I’m the same way! At least when I have to speak for myself. (One thing I like about acting – they tell you what to say!). I usually write letters to people when I’m upset because I know I’ll be able to write what I feel better than speak it. And I’d say blogroll citations are a go! I’ll put you in right now : )

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