Dear Writer

Dear Writer,

Admit it. You are like me – you love to create. You need it to survive, to continue feeling normal. But you love also the idea of one day seeing your name on a hardcover jacket typed out in a lovely custom font, and several glowing reviews of your novel waiting for the reader inside. And just as much as that idea thrills you, the idea of something new to read thrills the world. We needs books, no matter what the form – e-reader, kindle, paperback, hardcover, or scribbled on napkins. You, Dear Writer, are needed.

Being creative helps me, as I’m sure it helps you, Dear Writer, get through difficult times. Writing helps me to plow through negative emotions and focus on someone else, someone else who needs me to write down their story. My problems become insignificant when I’m faced with documenting someone else’s. I’m sure you understand what I mean.

But your creativity, the characters you have created from scratch, the world you have built, to story you have crafted, helps others as well. This journey you have created now has the opportunity to draw others away from their daily problems. In helping yourself, you are helping others.

Congratulations, Dear Writer – as much as you need to write, as much as it nourishes your soul, your creativity is doing the same for someone else. I’d say that makes you pretty special.



2 Responses to “Dear Writer”
  1. duffythewriter says:

    Was just tag surfing through manynblogs and this one stopped me. I read it and completely connected with what you were saying. Great blog!

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