The Importance of Music When Writing

I’m sure many of you are like me – you create a playlist for each novel you write, or for each character you’ve created, or for each scene in your story. Your playlist helps you get into the right mindset for whatever you are trying to write, helps you remember who your character is, or the tone of your story.

Music is so important to me when I write. I have a different playlist for each story I write, and songs for each character. If I’m having trouble figuring out what a character would do in a certain situation, I play their song and it helps me figure it out. While an idea is brewing, I start to compile my playlist, and when I’m ready to write, those songs then help me get into the emotional place I need to be.

I just started compiling my newest playlist. It’s always so exciting because I discover new music and learn more about my tastes. My playlist for Gold Valley was totally different from the playlist I’m creating now. It was full of songs from Murder by Death, Mumford and Sons, and Kings of Leon.

The newest playlist contains some of Arcade Fire’s more somber music, such as Ocean of Noise, Loreena McKennit, and the Hush Sound. I’m still figuring out what belongs on this list and what doesn’t, but even in discovering which music fits, I’m discovering more about my story and my characters.

What about you? Do you need music to write, or none at all?

One Response to “The Importance of Music When Writing”
  1. I must have it! I haven’t tried assigning specific songs or artists to specific characters or scenes, but I’ll admit, there’s definitely an overall musical theme for my latest writing project.

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