My Writer’s Dilemma, or ARGH!

I will not name names. I will not assign blame. All I can do is work on making my own writing better and hope that someday I will be afforded the same treatment as those less than professional writers who are inexplicably published not just once, but several times.

Okay, screw it. I admit, I’m jealous and peeved. I’m tired of reading sub par books written by sub par authors and wondering how they get published. As a bookstore employee, I receive advanced reader editions of many new titles that are to due to be published in the following months. This past month alone I’ve read 3 such advanced books – and all three have disgusted me.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m on a high horse, or like I’m a better writer than these authors – I still have a lot to learn. But if I had been the editor of the book I’m reading now, I would have taken my sinister red pen and cut out half of the author’s rambling, repetitive explanatory narrative. I would have done away with her redundant dialogue, and I would have written in the margins, “you characters say the same things over and over – give them something new to say. I’m flipping bored.” I would have said, “I don’t believe your characters. There is no reason for her to push him away over and over – give me a better reason than ‘she’s damaged.'”

I also would have told her, grown men (who are not stalkers) don’t act like that, even if Twilight has conditioned us to think so. Your book, though  marketed as Adult, reads like angst filled young adult fiction. I feel as though I’ve been tricked.

Honestly, her story is an interesting one. I just wish a better writer had written it.

If I can spot all of these issues in the writing of other people, I can surely spot it in my own as well, right? I’m definitely getting better at it.

So I will continue to plug away at my own writing and hope that one day, I too will be one of those published authors other people read and think, “I can do better than this”.

4 Responses to “My Writer’s Dilemma, or ARGH!”
  1. lol, I know exactly how you feel. Especially with film. Which leads me to believe that it’s not as hard to get published or produced as “some” would make it out to be. You just have to find the right person who happens to like what you’re selling.

    It almost feels like talent has nothing to do with it sometimes. Talent becomes subjective. Is subjective to a point. Depending on who is judging, someone who you may consider talentless, maybe talented to another persons standards, and that same person could be a gatekeeper to the publishing/producing world.

    That’s how things we consider crap get “made”. One thing I’ve learned is, for every artist, writer, film maker, or whatever you think is a genius, somebody out there thinks they suck!

    At any rate, that’s why I choose to just focus on my own craft, and worry less about the work of others I don’t like. I’d go crazy if I didn’t, lol.

    • I definitely agree with you, on all points. I’ve read several reviews of this book already that praise it as highly intelligent and captivating. Go figure. My boyfriend is having the same issue with film right actually – he’s judging a screenwriting contest and nearly everything I’ve described as an issue with this book is an issue he’s finding in every screenplay. You can’t win.

      And you’re right – I should just get better at focusing on my own writing -it’ll definitely make me less bitter : P

  2. 2blu2btru says:

    I completely understand what you’re writing about! I encounter this all the time–with people I know and authors I don’t know. I keep thinking, “I write better than that; why not me?”

    I have a friend from high school who isn’t primarily a writer (she works in another art form behind the scenes) and she is published and contracted for a second novel. I’ve read the blurb of her book, and it doesn’t sound like anything I’d want to read, yet there she is and here am I. It sucks because I want to be happy for her and not be a jealous, envious stick in the mud, but I just can’t seem to. Good thing facebook doesn’t tell on me when I lie, right?

    Keep writing and trying, and someday we’ll both be there. 😀

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