Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, But It Certainly Makes Progress

I am rewriting, as always. This time it is my NaNoWriMo novel, Gold Valley. I’m in the 1st rewrite at this point, so I’m simply adding. Nothing more. I’m trying very hard not to go through and nitpick at my grammar, or remove my extraneous commas, or change character names. This first rewrite is simply about fleshing out, smoothing over the cracks in my narrative. Then it will be on to smoothing out my technique, ridding my narrative of -ly words and too many thinker attributes, etc.

It’s funny, after reading the book on self-editing by Browne and King, I’ve been noticing so many of the amateur techniques they cite, not just in my own writing but in the writing of published authors as well. Definitely makes me wonder how hard I have to be on myself, if published authors can get away with it…

But no. I must be very hard on myself. I must pour my heart and soul into it. I’m the only person for the job, really. Anyone can nitpick my grammar. I am the only one who can make the characters come alive, and I must be well aware of the ways in which I do that.

I just have to take the plunge…

3 Responses to “Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, But It Certainly Makes Progress”
  1. Yeah, I say take the plunge, and good luck with it. What is your nano story about?

    • Thanks! Here’s my unrevised logline: When three travelers are stranded in a post apocalyptic Colorado mining town, they must confront their intertwined past and work together to expose the town’s dark connection to the Apocalypse.

  2. “I just have to take the plunge.” Yes, me too.

    I’m hopping over here to LEARN. Hope that your 1st rewrite is going well!

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