In Which I Am Almost Ready

I have almost finished outlining my new book, the idea for which came upon me suddenly and urgently. I was surprised that I was getting brand new ideas so quickly after finishing my NaNo novel, which I’ve been editing for the last few months. The minute I sent off the first draft for reading by … Continue reading

Dear Writer

Dear Writer, Admit it. You are like me – you love to create. You need it to survive, to continue feeling normal. But you love also the idea of one day seeing your name on a hardcover jacket typed out in a lovely custom font, and several glowing reviews of your novel waiting for the … Continue reading

The Importance of Music When Writing

I’m sure many of you are like me – you create a playlist for each novel you write, or for each character you’ve created, or for each scene in your story. Your playlist helps you get into the right mindset for whatever you are trying to write, helps you remember who your character is, or … Continue reading

In Which There Are New Ideas Brewing

She came to me two days ago. She was unusually beautiful – covered in tattoos and possessing a devil-may-care attitude, she woke me up early in the morning and let me know she’d arrived. Her name is Violet. She knows who she is, or at least it appears to everyone around her that she does. … Continue reading

Repetition is your enemy – Kill it before it kills your story!

I’ve been harping on this a lot lately, but it seems like there are a lot of writers who forget this more and more. Maybe it’s because the time between editing and publishing is even shorter these days than ever before, and maybe it’s just that we forgive lazy writing more easily. But repetition is … Continue reading

My Writer’s Dilemma, or ARGH!

I will not name names. I will not assign blame. All I can do is work on making my own writing better and hope that someday I will be afforded the same treatment as those less than professional writers who are inexplicably published not just once, but several times. Okay, screw it. I admit, I’m … Continue reading

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, But It Certainly Makes Progress

I am rewriting, as always. This time it is my NaNoWriMo novel, Gold Valley. I’m in the 1st rewrite at this point, so I’m simply adding. Nothing more. I’m trying very hard not to go through and nitpick at my grammar, or remove my extraneous commas, or change character names. This first rewrite is simply … Continue reading

Self-Editing, or Ripping Your Book To Pieces

I just finished reading a book called Self- Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King, two accomplished editors in the business. I have to say, as far as books about writing go, this is definitely one of the more helpful and usable guides I’ve read. It breaks down professional writing piece by … Continue reading

Where There is a Hangover, There Are New Years Resolutions

And I do have them. Surely you can guess what a few of them are (eat better, exercise more, etc.), because we all have those same goals. But there is another goal that I have tacked onto my list of resolutions, thanks to my success in NaNoWriMo, and that is to finish the novel I … Continue reading

In Which There Is A Happy New Year!

Hello from the great beyond! Or just…beyond here. I’ve been a little out of touch the last few months. I finished my final semester of college and am now, as of mid December, a graduate with a degree in Theater, Film, and Television! Maybe now Joss Whedon will hire me… I also spent a great … Continue reading