In Which You Are Updated

The house is not yet finished. That’s okay – I’m dealing with it better these days. We have hot water now, and we’ve been able to move most of our things in from the boxes in the garage. We still don’t have electricity, or kitchen appliances, but we just won’t talk about that…

I’m going through a phase. This summer I was in a narrative phase, where that was all I wrote – all I wanted to write. I think I’m slowly moving back into a scriptwriting phase. I have an idea for a television pilot that I’m working on, and some other baby ideas that I’d like to develop.

I’m not sure if I’m back. This is definitely an update, if nothing else – I haven’t disappeared, but I’m still not sure I’m ready to start blogging regularly again. I’m so stressed about this house and my roommate situation. However, in about two weeks, it will have all smoothed over. And that’s when I anticipate coming back, full swing.

On another note, I graduate in December and then I get to say hello to the real world….yikes!

2 Responses to “In Which You Are Updated”
  1. Ha, thanks for the update. Was starting to worry, lol. I’m sure things will turn out fine. Congrats on graduating. I know you’re amped.

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