Flash Fiction: There’s No Such Thing as an Apocalypse

I ran. And ran. And ran. Out of breath, tears streaming down my cheeks from the wind, knees sore and threatening to give. The trees shaded the path sometimes, but usually not, and I thought I heard running water some distance from the road. It was at this point that I realized I had no idea where I was. How long had I been running? Where was I going?

Well, that spawned the obvious question: where was there to go? Could any of us make a place in this world, really, truly? Ever again? Could any of us love the way we had before? Have children, white picket fences, each other?

I dreamed about you again, last night. Lying alone and chilled underneath the blanket of stars that I had forgotten existed until all the lights in the world were turned off, I dreamed of you. We were walking along the edge of a lake, sweaters wrapped around our shoulders to ward against the cool air being blown across the water. We were laughing. I think I kissed you, maybe, and there was heat then, and maybe there was music too. I can’t remember now. I only know you were there, and when I woke up the next day I was comforted to know that there was still a place I could find you.

So I ran. There were aspen trees here, and some pine trees, though most of those had been eaten by those beetles they used to talk about on the news. The altitude was higher too – it was harder to run such long distances. I got out of breath so much quicker up here. I’m still not sure where I was. I must have come 200 hundred miles since I started running, and walking when I couldn’t run.

Maybe it won’t be on that idyllic lake I dream about, and maybe it won’t even be soon, but I’ll find you. I have to find someone. Otherwise, what is there?

3 Responses to “Flash Fiction: There’s No Such Thing as an Apocalypse”
  1. j.c.quartz says:

    Very nice imagery! We’re all always running; it’s all we can do.

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