Is Anyone Else Bored by What They Write?

I had a strange epiphany today. Part of what was holding up with my novel was that I was incredibly bored with my content. I kept writing these scenes that I thought were necessary for the story, scenes that I thought would help the reader better understand, or scenes that helped fill the space between major events.

Here’s what I realized: if you’re bored with what you’re writing, don’t write it. Period. End of story (not literally). Change the scene. Figure out what you need to say and say it differently. I completely scrapped the scene I was working on and started a new one, a better one, pounding out in an hour the scene that was taking me days to write. I got rid of the stuff that was holding me up and replaced it with content that I found interesting.

Here’s why: I had forgotten that when I write, I’m supposed to be writing for me. Yes, I’d like to be published some day. But that shouldn’t be the only reason a person has for writing something. You should be writing for you, first and foremost.

Lesson learned. Here we go!

5 Responses to “Is Anyone Else Bored by What They Write?”
  1. clevercommentary says:

    I am not bored when I write.
    But I definitely get unmotivated to do it.

  2. I read once of an old man who would hang out in a particular coffee shop. He’d be seen there all the time, and always he had with him an artist’s portfolio case, and always he’d sit facing the crowd working away at something. One day the person who wrote of this old man had grown curious, and surreptitiously worked their way behind him, to see what it was the old man was working on. They were old sketches, years old, so old the paper was yellowing. They had been smudged and sharpened and touched up untold times. This is all this old man had been doing for years, never creating anything new, just coddling these same old images over and over again, clinging to them in a creative paralysis. For what? To impress a bunch of strangers drinking coffee?

  3. erikamarks says:

    It happens to us all. I find it’s a great barometer during revisions. The instant you find yourself drifting away (which after the upteenth re-read is a natural inclination anyway), time to rethink–rewrite or cut, cut, cut. Was it Elmore Leonard who said leave out boring parts?

    Loved the chickens in the other post–I hope you’ll keep us posted of that particular project too.

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