In Which I Have an Idea for NaNoWriMo

So, it’s been a while. I apologize for my absence – several things have happened (or have not happened). The house is still unfinished. There is still no kitchen, there is only half a bathroom, no internet, etc. I also started my final semester at school – I graduate in December. But the reason I … Continue reading

In Which I Still Have No Bathroom

The house remains unfinished, and I remain without internet. How am I posting this, you ask? I am illicitly using the internet at my work to post this. Why? Because it felt important. I am still living in an unfinished house. Three weeks later, we still do not have a  bathroom, a kitchen, or real … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: The Fire

Well there’s no other way to describe it. If they were any hotter (hate, sex, love, whatever you wanna call it cause they’re all the same thing in this house) they’d be on fire, burning to a crisp, to the absolute core, there wouldn’t be anything left except the ache and the misunderstanding. Every day … Continue reading

In Which Half a Book is Written

You read right. I finished the first half of my novel – 47000 words. Breathe in, breathe out – it’s all right, I keep telling  myself. I put so much of myself into this story, it feels like pieces are missing. I feel almost empty, drained – drained of words. Maybe it feels good? Feels … Continue reading

Coming to Terms With Mortality

My grandfather died last Thursday. I have not talked about it, especially not here – I have continued to plug away at my novel, continued to hang out with friends, continued to complain about the unfinished house with no bathroom that I am currently living in. It has seemed like, maybe by not talking about … Continue reading

Is Anyone Else Bored by What They Write?

I had a strange epiphany today. Part of what was holding up with my novel was that I was incredibly bored with my content. I kept writing these scenes that I thought were necessary for the story, scenes that I thought would help the reader better understand, or scenes that helped fill the space between … Continue reading