Flash Fiction and, Writer’s Block is Here

I have writer’s block. Oh, Hell.

I guess it’s not really writer’s block if I know what I want to say but I just don’t want to sit down and write it. Does that mean I’m bored by my own content? Do I need to switch it up and take a different approach to the scene?

I’ve been reading a lot of Query Shark lately, which is a fabulous resource not just for those wanting help with their queries, but for people like me, who are a little blocked and need some jogging. She’s made me wonder if part of the reason I have these moments where I can’t write is because the scenes I’m trying to get out of the way are exposition. Perhaps I don’t need them like I thought I did? Maybe, leaving the reader’s imagination up to the task is a fine way of letting a scene flesh out. When we tell the reader everything that’s going on, down to the last detail, they have no way of coming up with their own theories or scenarios. Hell, I’ve put down books for that very reason, so why the hell am I doing it in my own novel?

To help me get into the writing groove, I’ve been doing a lot of Flash Fiction. I’m going to post one here, with the prompt I used:

Describe DROWNING without using these words: drown, water, under, breath or breathe, gasp, hold, nose, mouth, eyes, sink, swim, lung, kick, tread, twist, contort, die or death, live or life, hope, dream, float, boat, paddle, despair, time, or world

I only know that I am panicking, because the thought that I can no longer suck in air has just entered my mind. Beyond terror there is an understanding, but not acceptance. Indeed, I fight with as much energy as I have left – I feel like I must look like I’m dancing, to someone who couldn’t possibly understand what is actually happening. I clutch at my lungs reflexively, as though clawing them open will somehow open a portal to the surface, and I’ll be free. The more I fight, the more exhausted I become, weighed down by the liquid in my lungs and the thought of losing a battle that I had not expected to fight. I become drowsy, the sudden weariness cutting into my panic and overcoming it. I can’t help it – I feel my face relax and I give into the deepest sleep.

If you have one of your own, post it in the comments! Help me with my writer’s block!

One Response to “Flash Fiction and, Writer’s Block is Here”
  1. iamforchange says:

    With all you’ve said in this post it seems to me that blocked your not… I like your post it is well written your block it seems is limited. I do wish you luck with it however and am sure you’ll come up with something clever. I look forward to your next post thank you for sharing.

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