Gimme a Gold Star for GLEE!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to explain why no new posts have arisen the last month or so – as promised in the last post, I have been trying and trying to create a great audition video for GLEE.

It started out badly. I sang a lot in high school and still do, but not with professional training. The minute I set up my camera, I forgot how to sing. Literally. I was drinking tea for two days straight trying to nurse my voice back to good health. I Forgot how to breathe, how to enunciate, everything.

Now, I’m still a long way from being where I once was. But seeing as the deadline for posting a video is TODAY, I had no other choice but to submit something.

So here it is: This is the link to my video, where you can give me a gold star if you so choose, or laugh at me if that seems like more fun. Either way, My face is up there now, for the world to see and judge –  that means you too!

So please, please help me out and give me a gold star! Help me get to Glee!

Thanks, everyone!

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