An Old Friend, or, I Have Returned

I began rewriting a novel that I finished when I was 18 this past month. It was strange – I’d always figured it would just stay under my bed, a 300 page manuscript,untouched. I figured that anything I wrote at the age of 18 was probably not worth going back to.

But then I had a dream. And in this dream, She appeared, the Goddess from the story. She was beautiful – skin pale like cream, eyes glowing the brightest green, long brown hair flowing around her and knotted with leaves and twigs, alive things. She didn’t say anything, she just showed up. She smiled at me, and I awoke.

That morning I started to write. And this time, as I had not last, I felt something surge through me as I typed the words out – something beyond me, something showing me where the words were meant to go.

This is bigger than me. I’d better get cracking.

4 Responses to “An Old Friend, or, I Have Returned”
  1. cooper says:

    any effort that results in a 300 page manuscript is worth it. Sure it may need additional effort, but it would be tragic to give up just when it’s starting to bloom….go for it.

  2. Thats so cool that you wrote a book at age 18. I really want to have a book written when I get to 18 too. I’ll be sure to add you too my blog roll.

    • I completely understand that feeling – if you decide you want to go for it, be patient and make sure you know your story! I got stuck so many times and had to let it sit for months before I could continue because I never thought far enough ahead. Stephen King will tell you differently in On Writing, which is a good book you may want to read, but everyone has their own method! Good luck, and thank you!

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