Glee, or The News That Was Not

Okay, so I’m straying from the theme here in only the slightest sense. Yesterday, I learned that they announced in January that Glee was holding an open casting call for three new roles. Then I realized that even though they said they would be holding auditions in February, there has been no news. Or has … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: In Which You Are New Again

I am confused. There is a part of me that still looks at your pictures, that still smiles when you smile, that still cries when you are hurt. There is a part of me (I have hidden it well, you see) that never wanted to leave. There is a part of me that still wonders … Continue reading

An Old Friend, or, I Have Returned

I began rewriting a novel that I finished when I was 18 this past month. It was strange – I’d always figured it would just stay under my bed, a 300 page manuscript,untouched. I figured that anything I wrote at the age of 18 was probably not worth going back to. But then I had … Continue reading