Love, or Hallmark Said So

This post has nothing to do with writing. I’m just putting it out there.

I love Valentine’s Day. I have always loved Valentine’s Day. But! I can’t really stand spending it with my boyfriend. Expectations get shot through, bubbles get busted, and you end up with a lot of painted ceramic and a lot of tears. I just don’t like doing it that way.

Here’s why I love Valentine’s Day:

*Red and white and pink. I love that color combination but for some reason i always get funny looks if I try to pull it off any other day of the year. Not V-Day!

*Hearts. I love hearts – the shape, the colors, the idea behind hearts. I love them. I’ve been called strange for this, but I would get a heart tattooed somewhere on my body for the simple fact that I LOVE HEARTS.

*Heart shaped chocolate boxes filled with yummy treats. Sure Godiva’s got chocolate boxes for every day of the year but they’re expensive and usually never worth it. But one month out of the year, Walgreens and King Soopers get a whole aisle full of affordable truffles in heart shaped boxes. Amazing.

*Love. Yeah, yeah, I know that you shouldn’t need a day to have an excuse to express love. It’s silly and it shows what kind of a hold Hallmark has on us – but you know what? I am always so grateful that we have a holiday that celebrates love. I don’t think Valentine’s Day should be about love in just a relationship form – Valentine’s Day is about loving your parents, your brothers and sisters, your best friends. I used to throw tea parties on Valentine’s Day for all my girlfriends each year, and I made those heart shaped jelly cookies and made sure everyone knew that they had to bring each guest a valentine or they wouldn’t get tea. The point of this was to get everyone to realize how special each of their friends were and to remember how much we meant to each other.

*Romantic Comedies. I’m a film maker and a writer and you know what I say? I say Rom Com’s have some of the best dialogue and character development and any film. They’re all about characters and how they interact – none of that explosion, car chasing crap that you forget the moment you come home. This year, I plan on seeing Valentine’s Day with my best friend.

*It’s in the middle of a month that usually ends up being terrible for me. Valentine’s Day is usually the one day in that month when I feel happy, carefree, and full full full of LOVE.

So the reason I wanted to say this is because every year you get all the SAD people (Single Awareness Day) and I’m here to tell you that I have a boyfriend, but Valentine’s Day has only ever been happy when I’ve not spent it with him (don’t tell him I said that). I’m not saying that I wouldn’t ever try again, but Valentine’s Day is about celebrating LOVE, not yourself, so if you love someone, anyone, a family member or your best friend, then show them today. They’re worth it and you’ll have a much happier view of Valentine’s Day forever on.

2 Responses to “Love, or Hallmark Said So”
  1. jeffshawn says:

    Hey..luvd ur blogs..especially the valentine one…keep goin..

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