In Which I Make Late New Year’s Resolutions

1. Eat better – Yeah yeah, you’ve heard this one before from everyone and your mom but I’m serious. I have resolved to remember that I don’t have to stuff myself to enjoy food and that my diet must be balanced if I ever want my body to respond by having more energy.

2. Have less drama in my life – I have several friends that simply cause too much of it and I think I need to distance myself from that.

3. Get crazy good at photography – if you live in the Denver area and want to do a photo shoot, shoot me an email at

4. Stop buying tortillas – seriously, I make good ones at home. I just need to have the patience to do it.

5. Be more honest – with myself and with others. It’s about time I stop letting myself get hurt because I’m afraid to open my mouth.

6. Spend more time with the friends in my life that I am so grateful for – their friendship means so much to me especially after the last few months. It’s nice to have some people in my life who prefer a drama free atmosphere.

7. Act – in something. Anything. Give me a call. I’ll act for you.

8.  Spread the love – too many people in this world are without it.

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