In Which Another Semester Begins

School is going to start in a week and I’m already so exhausted.

This past semester I auditioned for a theatrical version of “The Handmaid’s Tale” being put on by my school, UC Denver. However, I auditioned before I signed up for spring classes and upon realizing that I had two night classes and a senior project that I absolutely must dedicate time to, I quit the play, all while with strep throat and the launching on my new webseries at hand. Apparently it’s not that easy.

The director was pissed, as she should have been, and didn’t let it die for about three days. Then, Christmas and New Year’s came without a word, our web series launched with great success and I was actually enjoying what little I’d gotten to have of a Christmas Break, thanks to work. Then, this past weekend blew up. I learned that the director, we’ll call her Angela, called a very good friend of mine to accuse her of telling me lies to make me quite the play! Three weeks after my quitting, three weeks after we’ve all had time to believe it had blown over. This friend has not only been graduated from UCD since May, she has been working at Starbucks for the last four or so months and has had absolutely no time to be involved in the production of a school she no longer attends.

Then I received an email from Angela, saying to please call her as soon as possible. I didn’t. Another one arrived the next day. By the third day, she had called me twice from two different numbers and I still didn’t answer because I was babysitting. My friend learned after talking to Angela again that day, that all Angela wanted was to tell me how offended she was. That’s it. Three weeks after the fact, she has decided it’s important again and wants me to know it.

I am absolutely exhausted. Put the craziness at work on top of that and you have exhausted pie.

Thankfully, I have my boyfriend and my new baby Canon Rebel Xsi to keep me sane.

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