Dexter, or, Are You Afraid of the Dark…

I have been watching far too much of Showtime’s Dexter lately. As in, 6 episodes a day kind of too much.

But here’s the thing: it’s so intriguing! I can’t help it. How is it that this show has managed to create a character who is socially awkward and, oh yeah, a serial killer, so gosh darn likable? And might I say, lickable…

Anyway, the major question I have been asking myself is, how can this character, this person who would be deplored and hated in the real world, be our hero? How is that he can have killed 46 people and we still don’t fear him? We cheer for him when he dodges the authorities, or when he successfully frames someone else for his bad deeds. It’s crazy.

Or is it? Here’s what I realized (maybe I’m stupid for realizing this late, but hey, at least I got there): We could be friends with him. We know he would never kill us, would never harm us, in any way. Hell, he’d probably just wanna grab a beer. It’s the fact that he kills the other monsters we fear, the ones that lurk in the darkness of our memories and thoughts, the ones that would kill us, without hesitation, that he disposes of. He literally kills what we fear – how can he not be a good guy?

I’m sorry I’m not more coherent. Dexter on the brain. He’s not a very talkative guy, ya know?

One Response to “Dexter, or, Are You Afraid of the Dark…”
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