In Which There Are Many Questions

I just watched Julie and Julia, with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. I have to say, I was very impressed and so happy that a film like that, a film that was probably deemed without a market at first, was able to get the green light. Even more impressive is the fact that the same woman who wrote the screenplay adaptation, Nora Ephron, was allowed to direct it as well. There has been talk the last few years – talk of women’s inability to create beautiful or marketable films, women’s inability to be in the lead in the film industry. And by no means are women in the lead – we are falling behind, and we desperately need to catch up. We are told that if a film doesn’t have a strong male lead, then it isn’t marketable. But Julie and Julia defied that, and still received great reviews, to 20th Century Fox’s dismay, I’m sure. A great victory to female film makers.

I guess I just get frustrated when I find that the films that are so good, the films that I love, are all made by men, and that films that I see and just hate are often made by women. I feel like, not only are men telling us we can’t rise above sexism, but many of the women who are making films are proving that men are right. That we are incompetent. That we don’t know what we’re doing. Women need to stop proving men right, or they’ll stop getting the chance to all together.

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