Twilight, Again.

Okay somebody tell me. Explain it to me. Tell me why Twilight is such a phenomenon. Tell me why a story about a girl who cannot do anything for herself, who doesn’t mind that her boyfriend kidnaps her and locks her in his room for a few days, is so wildly popular. Tell me why Edward, a man who in real life would be a manipulative and abusive person, is someone girls aspire to have as a boyfriend. It makes me sick. It makes me sad.

Not only is this book bad for young girls – why? Because it teaches them to be dependent, to believe their role is subservient, that they cannot take care of themselves, that they need a man to live, and so on- but it has become so widespread, with these very same young girls’ mothers reading the novels, and loving them.

With the release of New Moon, the story in which the sparkly Edward goes to Italy, hoping to be killed by the Volturi because he is so gosh darn depressed, I am aware of this now more than ever. Also having learned that 10% of everything Stephanie Meyer makes is tithed to the Mormon Church, thus helping fund campaigns like Prop 8, I am more disgusted than I have ever been.

I am terrified for the young girls all over the world who don’t see how detrimental this story is to their romantic health, and apparently also the future of equality in the United States. Ugh.

One Response to “Twilight, Again.”
  1. I’m honestly glad that someone shares my beliefs. I hate Twilight and can’t seem to understand why it’s such a phenom. The target market are the teenagers I get that but then I’m 18 and I found it to be a drippy whinny novel with the girl behaving like a door mat while Edward displays signs of bi polar disorder- NOT ROMANTIC. The only reason I have given myself for its popularity is that maybe everyone else was invaded by stupidity.

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