In Which Thanksgiving is more exciting than Christmas

And I mean that. The food, the smells, the stupid fold out “kids” table, because there isn’t enough room at the big one…these are just a few things that I love about Thanksgiving. Besides, doesn’t it seem like Christmas has gotten so contrived? We stress ourselves out by going broke to buy all these presents, and in the end, all we end up teaching our children and showing our friends is that selfishness and materialism is what matters. It isn’t.

Thanksgiving doesn’t teach us that. Thanksgiving, no matter what brutalities the holiday is founded on, gives us a better look at what being a family and friends really means. There is no mad-dash gift buying, no stress over a blown wallet. It’s just the most awesome potluck ever, in which you get together with people you love and you have a good time.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorites because on this holiday, much more than others, my family gives thanks for one another. My brother usually makes a scene on Christmas, because Christmas has taught him to be selfish and he doesn’t like it when my mother wraps up four different pairs of boxers in separate wrapping. He wants the big stuff, the prizes, the nintendos and the x boxes. He usually gets those things, but to make it so that he has something to open on Christmas, more than just one box, she wraps up a bazillion small things. It’s wonderful. Now, how he has not come to understand this ritual is beyond me, because it’s perfectly clear to me. She wants us to feel like we have so much, like we have everything – but because what Kyle opens doesn’t have to dollar value that he wishes it did, it means less to him.

This is why Thanksgiving is wonderful – there are no dollar value expectations, no selfish ideas about what we’re going to get. There is only Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce from a can, and hopefully, a lot of laughter.

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