Twilight, Again.

Okay somebody tell me. Explain it to me. Tell me why Twilight is such a phenomenon. Tell me why a story about a girl who cannot do anything for herself, who doesn’t mind that her boyfriend kidnaps her and locks her in his room for a few days, is so wildly popular. Tell me why … Continue reading

In Which Thanksgiving is more exciting than Christmas

And I mean that. The food, the smells, the stupid fold out “kids” table, because there isn’t enough room at the big one…these are just a few things that I love about Thanksgiving. Besides, doesn’t it seem like Christmas has gotten so contrived? We stress ourselves out by going broke to buy all these presents, … Continue reading

In Which You Break

I can’t tell you how much this means to me. Just this. Being with you, talking to you, knowing you trust me, in some capacity, to the point where you can speak your truth. I will not betray your truth. I love you. It’s true. I’ve loved you in many different ways and cannot, this … Continue reading

Women in Film, or the Lack Thereof

Anna Sophia Robb and Rachel Leigh Cook were two of six women speaking on a Women in Film panel at the Denver International Film Festival today. Their goal: talk about women and their relationship to film making, the roles they take on set and in crews, and why. It seemed like a promising discussion- until … Continue reading

Wicked, or, the Journey to Oz

At the beginning, we are presented with a map of Oz, Emerald City shining at its center like a sparkling green beacon – the dragon clock hangs above the stage, watching us, moving from time to time. This is what I’ve been waiting for since 2005 – I have owned the CD and known all … Continue reading