Dollhouse Has Moved Me, or, Joss Whedon is a God

That’s right. Dollhouse. Joss Whedon. I’m calling them brilliant. Go ahead, mock me, tell me why I’m a nerd/geek/Whedonite. Tell me that Joss Whedon is two dimensional, that he talks funny, whatever. Tell me that he isn’t relevant, tell me that he is a sexist in disguise.

You’re all wrong. And I’ll tell you why-

Since the end of season one of Dollhouse, Joss has had to make some tweaks. The first clue that Joss is brilliant? The fact that he realizes this. I think he must read fan forums because qualms I have been told people have have seemingly all been taken into account in this new season. Echo has begun to develop a personality all her own – Adele is viewed as more of a mother figure to the house than a businesswoman. Paul Ballard finally has a place in Echo’s life – a place that he has slithered his way into in order to help her bring the Dollhouse down, because Echo’s budding personality involves a dedication to this cause.

And now, this last episode, Belonging – there are so few words. Topher finally gets a heart, but at what cost? Sierra finally gets revenge and closure but only by bringing new grief into her life. This brings up a strange question – is the Dollhouse a good thing, in that it can help people erase the bad memories and consequences they are usually faced with in every day life? Does it give people a new start? And what happens to those who cannot indulge in the Dollhouse’s gift of ignorance, like Topher? When your conscience is guilty and you have done incredibly bad things and yet all you can do is wish you were clean of these wrong doings? You can never be fully free?

I cried during this episode. A lot. Or, I wanted to. Mostly my boyfriend did the crying but I felt his pain. Joss Whedon has an incredible knack for storytelling, and he is so adaptable it’s scary – whatever fans and viewers are missing from characters and story lines, he adapts quickly and easily to give the audience what they need. It’s magic.

It’s what I aspire to do. I can only hope Joss reads this and gives me a job because I recognize the beauty of his writing and he just can’t seem to help himself.


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