The Denver International Film Festival

Exciting news! A short film I assistant directed last November has been accepted in the Denver International Film Festival! This is the 2nd film in a row from this director that has gone to the festival (the first I acted in). You can check him out at

His name is Benjamin Garst and his wordpress blog is in my blogroll. If you’d like to see what his new project is about, check it out through that. Also, if you are in Denver or going to be in Denver, make sure you come to see his short film. It will be part of a package of shorts (I will update when I know the name of the package), and I will let you know what times it’s showing. It’ll be fun. I promise.

On another note, I have been struggling. Recently, I auditioned for a staged reading of several student’s short plays (I am a senior at UC Denver). Though I am almost exclusively a film actor and writer these days, I auditioned so that I could pass another class – a class that requires its students to spend time outside of class working on the productions. Well, here’s the issue – the director is completely, blissfully ignorant. As a person. This is not to say she isn’t nice, or that she doesn’t have good intentions – but her knowledge bank when it comes to directing, especially directing students of our generation, is sadly lacking. Having learned a great deal about directing this summer through directing my web series, it’s been difficult for me to sit there and take her meaningless and senseless directions with a smile on my face. She has difficulty wording what she wants and can be condescending (in her ignorance) to the point where I just feel sorry for her and can barely listen. If anyone else has ever had an experience like this, please tell me, because our entire company has lost respect for this woman and I’d like to be able to find some semblance of it before we open.

It’s difficult to go from film to theatre and then back again. Going from working on festival bound short films to mediocre and frustrating short plays has put me in a strange funk.

On  a side note, my macabre and gothic sensibilities have been growing stronger these last few months, to the point where all I can think about in an inspirational sense is gothic architecture, Edgar Allan Poe, strange symbols, ghostly photographs, and, as you know, Apocalyptic literature. How strange. I wonder what this means?

ghostly birds

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