Dreaming of the Apocalypse

I’ve been dreaming about the end of the world. Usually when I dream about the Apocalypse there are zombies, or robots, or I’m a part of a small colony fighting for land. In this last dream, there were no supernatural beings, no demons, no monsters. There was only rain and a strange, deep sense of finality, of…the end. In this dream the sky wept for two weeks, flooding houses, buildings, rivers, lives. In this dream I find myself with my parents. I thought that retrieving my material possessions from my apartment would make me happier, only to learn that my home has been looted and I have nothing. In this dream, the world ends while it is still raining. Nothing catastrophic happens, nothing crumbles and there are no tsunami’s – it simply ceases to exist.

This is all strange to me, because the script I am writing now revolves around the Apocalypse. The big kind – the one with the scary diseases and bloody rivers and crumbling sky. So why I am dreaming about something so calm and melancholy? Are they even related? Maybe I’m over thinking this. But I almost always remember my dreams, and they almost always mean something. So what does this mean for me?

And why have I, since then, not been able to sleep?

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